posted: September 3, 2010

I did this yesterday afternoon while the east coast was bracing itself for the arrival of hurricane Earl. My family had just returned from a week on Martha's Vineyard, missing the the storm by a couple of days. Now I know that as a responsible adult I should take all the proper precautions when the threat of a natural catastrophe presents itself. I should go to the store and buy several dozens of gallons of water, 10 gallons of milk, a shipping container of spam, and enough eggs to last until house egging season at the end of October. I must not take these things very seriously though, because what I did buy was a six pack of Sam Adams, a handful of tabloids, and some candy for the kids. Everybody in the house is now properly supplied.
So imagine my disappointment when I heard the predictable news that Earl is expected to be downgraded to a plain old tropical storm this evening. For a hurricane that's like having the show close before it opens on Broadway, like making it to the major leagues only to have a career ending injury in the locker room before the big game. Poor Earl.

Rob Dunlavey September 3, 2010
I got the last shipping container of Spam. I can sell you some…
Dale September 3, 2010
That's okay Rob, I'll just head out looting with the kids later. When opportunity comes a knocking down buildings...
Victor Juhasz September 3, 2010
Great image. At least the possibilities of a killer storm inspired some creative juices there.
nwright September 3, 2010
Dale- another super stephanos piece! My new house is up there too!
Harry September 5, 2010
Your like me Dale, watching in amazement as hordes descend on the supermarket as if the world were coming to an end. nice image.
Bill Mayer September 6, 2010
Great work, love the intensity...
Kyle T Webster September 6, 2010
Nice one, Dale! Glad the storm didn't really come - my parents are out on the NC coast...
Jim Paillot September 7, 2010
Nice piece! That beacon must be the candy store.
Drew Friedman September 7, 2010