Sad Clown
posted: March 8, 2011
I thought I'd try to fit this in before the car hits the wall. The face of Winning - Charlie Sheen.
Is that trademarked yet?
Victor Juhasz March 8, 2011
Kick ass! Dale you've got total tiger blood running through your fingers. Your paintings enrich my dull meaningless life. Really strong piece. Okay so who's the next clown? I see a gallery concept show in the works.
Jim Paillot March 8, 2011
This is killer. Brutally terrific.
Gary Taxali March 9, 2011
Damn awesome!
Richard Downs March 9, 2011
Now that is a sad clown. Your best yet!
Chris Buzelli March 9, 2011
Wow! Amazing portrait Dale!
Gérard DuBois March 9, 2011
Ellen Weinstein March 9, 2011
Great likeness!
David Flaherty March 9, 2011
sad indeed!
Laura Levine March 9, 2011
sock March 9, 2011
rodeo bound
Tim OBrien March 9, 2011
I so don't care about Charlie Sheen but like this piece. He is more gaunt though. Whenever some story goes viral that every news source talks about it and it's not important, I worry about the mindset of our country. Distracted by a shiny object like a canary. Still, I like the piece.
Steve Wacksman March 9, 2011
It's an amazing piece, Dale- deeply claustrophobic and uncomfortable in all the best ways. You've captured his sweaty pallor (do I say it? OK, I'll say it: his 'sheen') perfectly.
NIck Wright March 9, 2011
.Dale- My new favorite of yours... Good stuff. Tim you nailed the canary on the head. n
Leo Espinosa March 9, 2011
Great piece, Dale. There's something really pathetic and cheap about these kind of news. I take the image of a sad clown of a perfect icon to represent it.
Nw March 9, 2011
dale ! THIS GOOGLE SEARCH makes the pic all that much more real.... Charlie Sheen’s Signature Drink Is Actually a Sno-Cone 3/9/11 at 10:45 AM If there is one good thing to come out of Charlie Sheen’s machete-wielding, rooftop-and-Internet existential crisis, Gary Herring believes it is this: More people will come to know the sublimely refreshing summer pleasure that is Tiger’s Blood. While it may be anathema to much of the country, the American South has actually been slurping Tiger’s Blood, and its delivery device, shave-ice, for decades. Herring knows, because he owns, a North Carolina–based online retailer that sells about a hundred thousand gallons of shave-ice syrup in 85 flavors every year. Tiger’s Blood, he says, is always one of his best sellers, and recently has risen to No. 9. Just what makes up the icy plasma varies state by state and vendor by vendor, as does the frozen matrix in which it’s served, but Herring’s is a mix of cherry, strawberry, and watermelon syrups with “a hint of coconut.” “You’ll have a crowd of people who’ll cling to having created it, but there’s always been Tiger’s Blood,” explains Herring, “It originated in the Texas area at least 25 years ago. It’s definitely a Southern thing: Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina, mostly.” He adds almost apologetically, “But we sell to Pennsylvania too.” Herring says he’s unsure of what effect Sheen’s recent touting of Tiger’s Blood refreshments online and on rooftops will have on his own firm's Tiger’s Blood sales, which amounted to some 5,000 gallons last year, but he says the recently unemployed actor has already become a bit of a shave-ice industry punch line. “If you want to make a ‘Charlie Sheen,’ you just need a cup of shave-ice, pour the Tiger’s Blood over it,” says Herring, pausing to chuckle. “Of course, instead of cocaine, we use citric acid to give it some bite. Or Pop Rocks is what we’d serve to the kids.”
Dale March 9, 2011
Thanks everybody. The thing that interests me about this particular celebraggedon is the harsh light it throws on how getting everything your way all the time is so thoroughly destructive. I admit to loving reading a lot of the quotes Sheen's dropped over the past couple of weeks. But seeing this kind of thing in action is different than reading or hearing about it. The manic, cage rattling ghost he's become looks like it's already in hell. This should be a "Scared Straight" moment for those who crave the spotlight, but it won't be.
Jody Hewgill March 9, 2011
Great portrait Dale. the eyes are fantastic, love the cruel little lips too.
Fisher March 10, 2011
Julia Breckenreid March 10, 2011
So creepy and good...
john cuneo March 10, 2011
Now you're on his troll list, but the painting is worth it.
John Dykes March 11, 2011
Katherine Streeter March 13, 2011
wow. perfect!
ringcycles April 4, 2011
brilliant, Dale, absolutley brilliant.