New York Observer - Charlie Rangel
posted: May 3, 2012

Whenever I get a request for a cover from Lauren Draper at the New York Observer, I know it will end up being a good time. The schedule is tight, and sometimes the concept is too broad to work visually, but I always end up with the kind of final piece that reflects my admittedly adolescent aesthetic.
I've enjoyed Charlie Rangel's performance art in politics the same way I used to appreciate Tip O'Neill's back in the old days of All Politics Is Local. I'm not a New Yorker, so I can't say whether I'm sympatico with Charlie politically or not, but any guy who can survive being photographed catching a nap on the beach in full drool mode with the man wedgie front and center must be made of some good stuff. Here, we have him in Willy Loman mode, bags packed for possibly one last road trip.

It was raining the whole time I was working on this and I was listening to Tom Waits. Sure fire gloomy picture recipe.
One of the great faces in Washington today. That alone should get him reelected....

Robert Crawford May 3, 2012
Wow! Really nice. I think this is my favorite of yours, Dale. Awesome...what a great expression!
Randy Pollak May 3, 2012
Brilliant as always.
Greg Newbold May 3, 2012
Love the whole sad sack death of a salesman vibe. Nice Dale!
Victor Juhasz May 3, 2012
Damn. Really good Dale.
john cuneo May 4, 2012
These detail shots are fascinating. I'm not sure how you've managed to convince the Observer to keep this image simple and unencumbered, but it's a great decision and a terrific portrait.
Harry Campbell May 7, 2012
Some of your best stuff Dale, the expression, the handling of the hair, light, great.
Harry Campbell May 7, 2012
Some of your best stuff Dale, the expression, the handling of the hair, light, great.
Dale May 7, 2012
Thanks guys. I'm always trying to keep things simple, especially for overnight jobs. I hope the Observer likes this direction.
Bob "Kooch" Coutu May 30, 2013
hahahahha... the expression is priceless!!!!! It is amazing the way you clearly capture the emotion in your subjects... I also like the whole "out of bounds" effect as Charlie's head protrudes outside of his square confined space on the page. Excellent work as usual! LOVE THE EXPRESSION!!!! hahahahaha