Fright Night
posted: October 19, 2013
As the days descend into darkness I've been thinking more than usual about fear and what frightens us. Most kids are to some degree afraid of the dark. It's where the inhabitants of their imagination reside under cover, waiting to pounce. Is that a shadow on my wall or is it a tentacle? What's that sound? Oh my god, there's really, really something under my bed!
As I've grown into the world I've realized that it's often the light of day that has the greatest potential for fear, danger, and downfall. A skim through the daily paper is basically a horror story being told in serial form. I'd much prefer to go back to being afraid of the dark.
I did this piece as an equipment check. I got a Wacom Companion a few weeks ago and this was the first thing I did with it out of the box. Just me and a mirror. I need to lighten up on the hard stare if I'm going to want anybody to sit for a portrait.
Mark Fisher October 20, 2013
I would say your equipment works quite well Dale.
Scott Bakal October 20, 2013
If they ever start casting again for another remake of 'Psycho', you have it in the bag. Nice job, Dale!
fiedler October 20, 2013
That's getting killer Dale -the skin stuff is over the top!
Harry Campbell October 20, 2013
This is pretty incredible, nice work Dale. Fear is a funny thing, sometimes we just don't face it, takes courage. Like doing what we do, so I'd say most successful illustrators deal with fear on a daily basis.
David Flaherty October 21, 2013
Like it. Not sure what a wacom companion is but will check it out.
Victor Juhasz October 21, 2013
The only thing scary is your talent, Dale. Really great Wacom painting.
j cuneo October 25, 2013
A companion that comes in a box. Is that inflatable?