Hell Toupeé
posted: September 16, 2015
Here are some variations on the Trump theme. To me Trump embodies the ugly American so many of us don't see in ourselves, yet is obvious to those looking in from the outside. The only thing that's more frightening than the idea of Trump somehow becoming President of the United States is the possibility that someone, anyone I know would vote for him. If you are so inclined, please don't tell me.
Kyle September 17, 2015
Too fun! This could be a book.
Richard Downs September 17, 2015
Nice work, Dale. I feel bad because I want to punch your artwork.
Victor Juhasz September 18, 2015
These are great fun, and dollars to donuts I would kind of bet that someone from his camp will want to buy them. They won't understand the satire and will respond instead to him portrayed as a rock star.
John S. Dykes September 21, 2015
I happily and openly cast my ballot for.... the top one. The one with the firey hair. Nice, Dale!