Poker Faces - Mother Jones
posted: February 24, 2016
Dogs. Did you know they play poker? They're good because, let's face it. Dogs are liars. Not as bad as cats but that doesn't matter because eveyone know cats can't play poker. They are animals. Dogs are like people. Just ask a dog owner, they'll tell you. But they won't tell you how they lost their shirt in a card game with the pooch. No they won't.
This little beauty of a picture was commissioned by Carolyn Perot at Mother Jones for a story on how fat cat Sheldon Adelson is screwing the pooch. That would be a much more repulsive yet entertaining picture.
Richard Downs February 24, 2016
Amazing piece, Dale. I completely love it and you must have worked like a dog on the execution!
Dale Stephanos February 25, 2016
Thanks Richard!
davey February 26, 2016
Excellent Dales.
Victor Juhasz February 27, 2016
Solid piece, Dale.
Steve Brodner March 1, 2016
Great design, faces and color ideas! Bravo Dale.