posted: March 25, 2007
Sinead O'Connor from a Laura Levine photo...
I'll make my first post here at Drawger totally Drawger-centric. This sketch is a departure from what I normally do. I'd usually spend another 6 hours or so beating the life out of what looked really nice after 5 minutes of drawing.

This is from a photo that fellow Drawger gal and all around super cool renaissance chick Laura Levine shot back before Sinead was Sinead.

I want to extend a big thanks to Edel for the invite, and to Bob Staake for making me feel welcome waaaaay back. Same goes for Leo, Rob D, Rob S, Zina, David Flaherty and Tim O'Brien.

An especially big thanks to David Bamundo for the original invite, and  of course, to Zimm. This is a very cool hangout. I'm happy to be here.

I only hope to live up to half of what Monkeysong was.
daveB March 25, 2007
dale, Nothing compares 2 U
Edel Rodriguez March 25, 2007
Dale, welcome to Drawger, nice drawing of Sinead up there. Dave Bamundo is the man for sure.
Carl Wiens March 25, 2007
Hey Dale-- welcome! Love the sparseness of this piece, suits the subject perfectly
David Goldin March 25, 2007
Thanks for bringing Sinead to the party. Welcome!
Tim O'Brien March 26, 2007
Welcome to the party. New guy buys beer!
Bob Staake March 26, 2007
this place can always use a passionate contributor and we all agreed that you'd heartily fit that bill, dale. i have no doubt that you'll soon pass the zimm posting benchmark and be able to join us in the speakeasy where the REAL fireworks take place; people riding squealing pigs, the sounds of cars driving through living room windows, innocent tourists being thrown from subway platforms only to spark, sputter and flame as they make contact with the third rail. but enough about flaherty's raucous saturday night. all i can say is this; get your photoshopping google image skills DOWN, buddy! oh, and welcome.
David Goldin March 26, 2007
Staake needs a time out. No one knows what you're talking about Staake. Speakeasy is what it is, and that's all anyone here needs to know. Forty lashes with a wet noodle for Staake. Dale, as newest arrival and closest in proximity, you are the drawger chosen to deliver said lashes to Staake.
Bob Staake March 26, 2007
goldin's right. plenty of vodka-induced self-administered dental procedures performed as well in the speakeasy tempered by spirited discussions of medical insurance plans. it's a real cornucopia of mayhem, mischief and occasional grease fires.
Rob Dunlavey March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale. Now you are damned like the rest of us! The whip please!
Mark Fisher March 26, 2007
Dale, welcome aboard for a 3 hour tour! Keep the mighty fine portraits and comments flowing.
Mike Moran March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale. You are officially here. Good!
Cathleen Toelke March 26, 2007
Welcome, Dale. Nice drawing and funny comments...I can relate! Look forward to more stories.
Hal Mayforth March 26, 2007
Welcome aboard, Dale!
Zina Saunders March 26, 2007
Welcome, Dale!
Dale Stephanos March 26, 2007
Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm packing the Vodka (for me) and the old rusty tooth drill (for Staake) and headed to the Cape, where I'll subdue Bob and wait for your instructions.
A.Richard Allen March 26, 2007
Hail, Dale! Always enjoy your comments around here, look forward to seeing your posts and artwork!
Roberto Parada March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale, I'm glad to see you'll be posting now. Keep shooting from the hip!!!
Steve Brodner March 26, 2007
Dale: At last. Welcome aboard. You're all drawger, man. Semper fi. Steve
Leo Espinosa March 26, 2007
Once again, bienvenido! I'm diggin' Rick Rubin's Slayer Tee.
Dale Stephanos March 26, 2007
Roberto, Steve, thanks. I'll need a few phone books to stand on but I'll try to measure up.
robert hunt March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale!
Larry Ross March 26, 2007
Really nice Sinead drawing, Dale. I'm looking forward to more! Welcome aboard.
df March 26, 2007
Place Bob in ice after you subdue him Dale. He degrades quickly without coffee. Keep him out of the light. We can't agree on what to do with him. Goldin wants the brain. Edel wants the orb. Hollywood wants his kid. Stay tuned.
David Gothard March 26, 2007
You one claimed Bob's talent. It's mine I tell ya...first dibbs. Dale- Welcome brotha Drawgerphile. Nice drawing! DG
rag March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale. Hope to see a lot more of this sketching stuff you are up to.
Christoph Hitz March 26, 2007
Hi Dale, Welcome to Drawger, better late than never. Nice Sinhead, pardon Sinead.
Randall Enos March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale. Hope we can meet soon. This drawing is one of the best I've seen on Drawger.
Dale Stephanos March 26, 2007
Wow, thanks Randy, that's a hell of a compliment aound these parts!
John Dykes March 26, 2007
Dale, Ladies and gentlemen - Stay tuned and watch closely. Welcome, Dale!
Laura Levine March 26, 2007
Welcome, Dale! I love where you took Sinead, and I'm honored to be a part of your first post!
Jim Paillot March 26, 2007
Welcome, Dale! Love that sketch! Jim
Peter Hermann March 26, 2007
welcome on board Dale. Now that's one big ass monitor you got going in the blog header.
Dale Stephanos March 26, 2007
Thanks again everyone, and Peter, you know what they say about guys with big monitors - Big monitor, big hard drive.
Edel Rodriguez March 26, 2007
I have a small monitor.
David Flaherty March 26, 2007
Dees kids wif their toys...! Sheesh!
Brandon Reese March 26, 2007
Welcome Dale! Love your work and look forward to seeing more of it here.
Walter Vasconcelos March 26, 2007
OlŠ Dale, best work!