Grown Men Who Shave Their Legs
posted: April 1, 2007
It's a very diverse crowd that shows up on race day. You have carpenters, accountants, pilots, former pros, hedge fund managers, and even artists. I probably wouldn't know a lot of these guys if I bumped into them on the street, because we're always in helmets and glasses. But throw them in spandex and throw them on a bike, and I'll bet I could identify every Masters racer's ass in New England.

At the start of every race I look around at all the other 40 year old men who shave their legs and spend thousands of dollars on equipment and hundreds of hours training, and I think "What the hell is wrong with us"? We drive hours out of our way to get in a few hours of nearly unbearable suffering. These folks might look like skinny MoFo's, but they're really tough bastards.

So today was the first real race around these parts. It's a team sport, and you decide before the race who everyone else will work for. I came in mid pack, but we got our sprinter across the line in 2nd.
Carl Wiens April 1, 2007
Warning: don't ever go riding with Dale. He will kill you. He's all smiles 'hey let's go out for a spin' and the next thing you know his skinny arse is disappearing over the next hill. Already racing and I haven't even broken out my gear. aargh.
Nick Ramos April 1, 2007
Hye Dale... I got into riding bikes a few years ago and New England is the perfect place for it... But I never got into shaving my legs... I wasn't fast enough to make a difference...besides I have a hard enough time shaving my face...So, I was never competitive, but loved riding up there and participating on the Pan Mass Challenge...
Leo Espinosa April 2, 2007
Sorry, I couldn't make it up to Marblehead. I'm still glued to the drawing table finishing stuff for tomorrow. That trip to NYC messed up the schedule (but it was worth it). How did you do in the race spandex buddy?
Hanoch Piven April 2, 2007
Even though Im a mountain bike guy..Im jealous! Looks great Dale. Hanoch
Dale Stephanos April 2, 2007
Carl and I did a nice mountain bike ride in Santa Fe a few years ago. If I disappeared over any hill it was because it sounded like a very angry animal was behind me, coming to get me ; ) Nick, the leg shaving thing is weird. It's almost a signal to everyone else to say"I'm, one of you, I do this a lot, I'm not going to take you out" which is reassuring when you're doing 60mph down a hill with about 3 inches between you and the riders around you. Leo, sorry you couldn't make it. The weather alone was worth the trip. Marblehead neck is beautiful, you know, $5 million houses/castles, great views of Boston. I was just a lowly domestique yesterday. I'm more of a climber than a crit guy. Hanoch, I'm a mountain biker too. How's the riding where you are? By the way, you've inspired my kid's breakfasts. I'll show you how in a separate post.
Carl Wiens April 2, 2007
Dale I can personally vouch for your climbing ability. I should add that you did wait at the top of the hill. Congrats on the first successful event of the season. I'll get out real soon. We have a forecast of snow this weekend. April is the cruelest month.