This is the Year!
posted: April 1, 2007
Really! It really is this time. Dice-K is here to prove that '04 wasn't a fluke and the Red Sox are the real thing.

Or not.

All I really want to do is go hang out at Fenway a few times this year. On a nice summer night, there is no better place in the world, no matter what the score is.

Play Ball!
Yankee Fan April 1, 2007
Dream on. The Bambino will let you have another one in 86 years.
Leo Espinosa April 2, 2007
Heh, heh, don't try to pull that Bambino stuff off again, Zimm. That ghost ain't scaring us no more! (nice pencil, D!)
Mike Moran April 2, 2007
Dale, My family is all up in New England. My brother told me last night the first pitch that Dice-K throws at Fenway will be against Ichiro. The ball park will be crazy.
rag April 2, 2007
Nice sketch Dale. Let's do a Drawger Day at Fenway: Free sketch pads and a deadline for all fans who show up in their bedroom slippers.
Dale Stephanos April 2, 2007
I like the Drawger day at Fenway idea. Let's do it.
Dale Stephanos April 2, 2007
Oh, and Yankees fans are welcome too. You're buying though. It's only right, seeing as how the past few NYY championships have been bought. (I'll duck now)
Christoph Hitz April 2, 2007
Dale, For about 2 years I did a weekly illustration for the letters page of the Boston Globe Magazine. Not a single week passed without a fan turning in another "great" anecdote of the beloved Boston Red Sox. I realized the team helps Bostonians communicate. My swiss accent would allow me to start a conversation by asking "How about them red sucks?" Nice pencil sketch.
Larry Ross April 2, 2007
Really nice Dice-K, Dale! The pencil line, the tone, the all works so well. I'm a Yankee fan and I love Yankee Stadium, but I went to Fenway once and I loved the place! What a terrific ballpark. I hope to see you there.
Carl Wiens April 2, 2007
Fenway, Fenway. I grew up going to games at Tiger Stadium. Awesome park, once saw Reggie Jackson hit one out of the park. Always an adventure getting there! I have also been to Yankee Stadium. An experience all in itself! Man, I would love to go to Fenway! You can't just hang out at the Skydome, er whatever they call it now. Jays fans have it tough. Easy to get tickets though! Really nice sketch, Dale, lots of power in that expression.
John Dykes April 2, 2007
I have never been to Fenway.... But THIS year, I will go! The sketch is great - you may proceed to final. (are we going to see a final? Hope so).
doug hoch June 16, 2007
Now that I'm living in New York amongst Yankee fans its even more fun to be a Red Sox fan. Its very interesting hearing the different conversations between Yankee lovers as opposed to Red Sox lovers. Yankee fans truly hate us whereas Red Sox fans think Yankees suck, no more, just suck. Yankee fans don't have fun watching games, Red Sox fans don't care so we have fun. Yankee fans have to deal with walking around in the Bronx. Red Sox fans have to deal with a cool old ball park. Yankee fans always bring up 25 or whatever championchips rings, blah blah blah. Red Sox fans talk about how great the game last night was and we truly enjoyed it even if we lost.