Wall Street Journal
posted: April 15, 2007
It was Drawger weekend in the Pursuits section of the WSJ this weekend. I landed on the front, with Michael Sloan over there, and Joe Ciardello inside.

The AD was Susan McDermott, who I always enjoy working with. It feels like she trusts me to just do my thing and that's usually when the best work happens.

I think that when they were having their brainstorm session to decide the content, David Bamundo coughed several times, subliminally mixing in "Dale Stephanos". It worked.
I actually like how newsprint messes with the color and texture of my stuff. It gives it a weathered look that I'd like to introduce into more of what I do. Where's that filter?...
Zina Saunders April 15, 2007
Drawger's taking over the world!
J.D. King April 15, 2007
No, Zina. Only Wall Street. But that's close enough.
Michael Sloan April 15, 2007
Dale - That's great! I'm glad you posted this; I wouldn't have know that since I don't subscribe. I'm in great company. I worked with David Bamundo on the golf piece. Your Soriano looks great, one of my favorite baseball players. I used to love seeing my illustrations in print on the floors of the NYC subway with footprints all over them. That was a badge of honor, and about as weathered as they could get. Next time you do a piece and want that weathered look, try taping it to a sidewalk in front of a grocery store!
A.Richard Allen April 16, 2007
Know what you mean about the newsprint 'filter'- though on a few occasions when I've offered ADs of glossy mags Photoshop-distressed versions of my work they tend to balk saying that it simply looks like it's been badly printed!