Jerry Falwell, R.I.P.
posted: May 15, 2007
I'd like to say something nice about Jerry Falwell, as he passed from this veil of tears today. So. Um. He sure was fun to draw!

This was done a while back, when Rev. Falwell trained his laser vision on the Teletubbies and realized that "Good God in Heaven, that purple one is GAY". Any day you can put a guy like Falwell in a Tinky Winky suit is a good one.
Mark Fisher May 15, 2007
Dale, Real nice! We are expecting one a day.
Steve Brodner May 15, 2007
Peter Hermann May 16, 2007
Ah, Dale... you really fucked this one up. It could have been a really amazing painting, Falwells face is awesome looking and has a real nice sculptural look, the grass has that special tubby feel, the composition is sweet and the idea is absolutely brilliant. But Dale, show Dipsy some damn respect. his symbol goes straight up and you painted it way too much like Laa-laa.
Zina Saunders May 16, 2007
Ha! And I like his little head sculpture! I've never watched Teletubbies, but I'm assuming they don't have one with a little crucifix jabbing into his noggin.
Dale Stephanos May 16, 2007
Thanks guys Mark, I think the one a day will have to be a collective effort until Brodner starts up again. I've passed the ball to you, now GO! Steve, thanks, just trying to hold the fort down here. Peter, you got me me. All those mind numbing hours of kid's tv (with my kids) must have warped my view. I'll try to do a better job next time. Zina, you have to check it out. It's as close to taking hallucinogens without actually doing them. And there's nothing wrong with a little cross noggin. It's the next step after strange body peircings.
Leo Espinosa May 16, 2007
I'm adding a bookmark to this page so whenever I'm a bit down I just have to open it and laugh my pants off. I hear the TT theme, Tinky Winky.... I'm laughing again. Great piece, Dale.
David Flaherty May 16, 2007
Jerry had good gaydar? Fun piece Dale.
Randall Enos May 16, 2007
Whoa! That's what I get for just watching Court TV all day long....I didn't know this idiot had died. I won't miss him. Terrific picture by the way. C' can do one a's important to keep us Drawgeroons amused with Stevie on sabbatical.
Peter Cusack May 20, 2007
Holy cow. That's hillarious. beautiful job.