Adam Rex
posted: September 12, 2007
I believe in shouting out when the subject's worth the shout. I just discovered Adam Rex via Irene Gallo's (excellent) blog. This guy kills me! Great art, and a screwy sense of humor.
I spent the morning laughing and clicking through his website:
Rob Dunlavey September 12, 2007
I love the bio on his "About" page!
Dale Stephanos September 12, 2007
Or just too stupid... Thanks Richard.
Jim Paillot September 12, 2007
Funny guy!
Adam McCauley September 12, 2007
Rex is brilliant. His "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich" is one of the freshest books out there. Thanks for the post, Dale.
Mike Moran September 12, 2007
Good idea giving a shout out. Good post. My son got Adam Rex's "Frankenstien Makes a Sandwich" for Christmas. He loves the book... so do I!