posted: August 12, 2008
The final cover...
It seems that most of the interesting projects that have flown through the studio this year come with the provision that I sign an oath of omerta until a grand public unveiling. The problem is that after years of doing this professionally, once a job is completed and delivered I’m on to the next and I seldom look back. So it was a nice surprise when my friend Mark Penta emailed me a photo of this book cover that I finished months ago.

Cherlynne Li art directed and just let me do my thing. I hope the book sells well in spite of that.
Sorta kinda finished sketch...
Obama has two very different looks. When he's all serious and stuff, he looks much older than when he smiles. I am the opposite. When I smile my face folds itself into several dozen creases and I start to resemble a shrunken apple head. Remember those? I loved them. Anyway.
The arm is awkward because originally it was going to wrap around to the back cover. If we had decided to go in this direction I'd have resolved that problem. Really....
Some thumbnails. It's at this point when I think to myself that the client will change their mind and use a photo. After years of doing this I still get a little panic rush that helps the creativity along....
Such a nice young man....
J.D. King August 12, 2008
You certainly do get interesting projects! You AND Flaherty!
Tim OBrien August 12, 2008
Hi Dale, If there is a candidate that illustrators should be for it's Barack. I did a bookcover of him too, though not as funny as yours. I must have done over 10 magazine covers too. With magazines having a bad year, Barack is a windfall. Keep em coming.
John Dykes August 13, 2008
Nice Dale... I particularly like the expression on the second sketch.
Tim Bye October 8, 2008
Wow really nice piece - you have a great style too!!!