Ray Charles
posted: March 2, 2009
Here's something I've been poking away at between sketches, finals, phone calls and jam sessions with the kids. I've been trying to get my digital wotk to look less polished, while trying to polish up any traditional media work I do. I have dozens of half done pieces lying around and in files and it's fun to revisit them. It's also very productive to hit "delete" when the time comes.
Leo Espinosa March 3, 2009
I like the looseness of the suit and the forehead and the fact that you left the piano unfinished. It would seem more natural if the teeth and microphone wouldn't be so detailed, I think. Now, if you excuse me, you have sent me directly into my record collection.
Jim Paillot March 3, 2009
I agree with Leo. I really like the crushed perspective here and his hand.
John Dykes March 3, 2009
Dale - post more half-dones - its cool to see the workings....
Drew Friedman March 8, 2009
A little late as I've been away but I love this.