Half Full?
posted: April 10, 2009
So is the glass half full or half empty? And which is better at this point?

Rob Dunlavey April 10, 2009
That's a really strong design Dale. And it's funny too. Your best work has this balance between over the top caricature and a kind of pathos or gravity. Hard to do in your kind of portraiture.
Zina Saunders April 10, 2009
I say half full!
J.D. King April 10, 2009
Honeymoon's over?
Drwe Friedman April 10, 2009
I love it Dale. Beautiful work!
Doug Fraser April 10, 2009
The humanity in the hero.
Adam McCauley April 10, 2009
Great image Dale! Sure hope he can swim.
Cathleen Toelke April 10, 2009
That's putting it very directly, Dale! Obama and the banner, both!
randy enos April 10, 2009
Well....your picture is completely full. Wonderful portrait.
John Dykes April 10, 2009
A beauty, Dale... love it. Re: timing... does this have anything to do with the pirates holding Capt. Richard Phillips hostage?? Obama should have come out early... and stronger on this... your illustration seems to be spot on here.
Harry Campbell April 10, 2009
That's classic.
Peter Cusack April 12, 2009
AHHHHHHHH! this is just great!
Victor Juhasz April 12, 2009
Very nice. Who did you do it for?
Dale Stephanos April 13, 2009
Thanks for the kind words everyone. This was done from a sketch for a job that died an untimely death. The original idea was for a pretty straighforward portrait showing Obama in that earnest, serious pose he tends to strike. I'd been hearing a lot of his detractors talk about how he's barely keeping his head above water and this seemed almost too obvious. Still, I'd rather have a president who's barely keeping his head above water than one who's in completely over his head any day.
Scott Bakal April 14, 2009
Half full. I think he's doing fine...just real busy cleaning up the mess and dealing with idiots. Nice job, man.