Summer Studio
posted: September 4, 2009
This is the summer studio. Katama Bay, South Beach dunes beyond that, and then the Atlantic. I installed a nice breeze and the sound of waves crashing and laughing children. As Dudley Moore once said, “It doesn’t suck”.
laura t. September 4, 2009
Tim OBrien September 4, 2009
You can get a nice tan off the glare on that Modbook.
Roberto Parada September 4, 2009
No Dale, that does not suck. Neither does your Modbook. How do you like the modbook?
Carl Wiens September 4, 2009
Seriously - can you actually see anything in the sunlight? That's my kind of studio (I only work in the old hayloft from September to May)
Harry September 4, 2009
Doesn't suck until the laughing children become whining children. I like the whole scene sans children. I would finish up my work, go for a ride, second of the day, then off to the local watering hole. Now that would be the ideal summer studio. I'm just jealous.
Harry Campbell September 4, 2009
My first post is still being approved. I remember that line in Arthur, he said it with a slur, which I hope you're doing as well.
Zina September 4, 2009
Love your studio, Dale!
David Flaherty September 4, 2009
Er, dale, that screen reflect that you are naked! Might want to fix that... or not.
hanoch piven September 6, 2009
Dale you're on vacation! get off Drawger! ooops sorry, I didn't read it is the summer STUDIO. I'm so technologically that the whole computer or just the screen?
Jim Paillot September 6, 2009
Nice studio! I like the extra leg room and life-like sfx.
Dale September 7, 2009
Ha! Laura, yes it's a Modbook. I like it a lot, but I need to pick up a keyboard for it. The onscreen keyboard is clumsy and I keep trying to press the buttons that I have on the side of my Cintiq. Going from the Cintiq to the Mod is kind of a drag - probably like going from being a billionaire to just a multi-millionaire. Also, it's not as sensitive as the Cintiq so I find myself pressing down a little harder. Overall Id give it a B . Harry, I'm lucky. The laughing kids very rarely turn into whining kids. Must be my wife's superior gene pool. David, it pays to advertise.