100 Heads for Haiti
posted: March 8, 2010
Here's my contribution to the Heads for Haiti show. Thanks to Spur Design for the great idea to have us all offer up some art to try to help those in need.
Brian Stauffer March 9, 2010
Very nice. I keep wondering, is this a specific person or a random person?
Dale March 9, 2010
Thanks Brian. This is a straight from the imagination/memory piece.
felix March 9, 2010
nice dale!
Tim OBrien March 9, 2010
I thought it was Miles Davis. I like the edge of the art but is it blurry?
Steve Wacksman March 9, 2010
Wow. That's a striking portrait. I second O'Brien's statement and question; the edge is really interesting and unusual- is it meant to be blurry?
Drew Friedman March 10, 2010
Really nice!
Richard Downs March 10, 2010
That is a powerful face, Dale!. nice job.